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Birdie Balls

This is my 4th box over the past few years which speaks for itself. I’m of the view they are a good lasting ‘ball’ before they crack and when you consider the punishment they receive, particularly with the driver, represents good value. Best of all they do work, you know if you would have sliced, hooked or hit it straight down the middle.

Fantastic aid

have been using them for only a short while and my game has improved immensely.

Chipping with Birdie Ball

Having only been able to practice short range chipping since receiving the balls, I have found that when a chip is executed correctly, the ball does fly true and straight...whereas other balls when mis-hit provide the visual feedback that the execution was less than looking forward to be able to go to the local park and hit full pitch shots to see if the same feedback is received.

BirdieBall Saviour

Hi BirdieBall crew,

Your product has been one of the great COVID saviours I have found!

Pre BirdieBall I was unable to play or practice on a golf course here in Victoria. I was forced to hit real golf balls in different parks around town. This led to hitting cars and at one stage, being attacked by an angry dog walker for thinking of hitting golf balls in “his” dog park.

Then along came BirdieBalls. I was able to practice hitting however I wanted, whenever I wanted, without fear of damage to anyone or anything. Magic!! Thanks again.

Fantastic balls

Love hitting these Helps swing practice immensely
Great buy

Good stuff

Living out of town on a large block of land, these are perfect for practice with out leaving home

BirdieBall 12-Ball Box
Christopher H.
Birdieballs are great for your golf game

Advance your golf practice to the next level with birdieballs, realistic flight, limited distance which is great in the backyard. My go-to for both long & short game practice, also a great way to warm up pre round.

Fantastic practise option

I’ve been loving the birdieballs, lockdown iron practise in the park has been a daily ritual. Great feel and sound, recommend highly

Birdie balls

These have been great in lockdown. Good to take to the park and they go the distance promised and feel like it should. Very impressed

Great fun!

These are great at the park during lockdown. I can’t believe that you can actually shape shots with them.

Best thing apart from the ball itself

And you don';t have to walk so far to fetch them

Been hitting these birdie balls in my backyard and they are truly amazing. Does exactly as promoted. Feels like hitting a real golf ball. Flight of the birdieball is smaller version of real ball. Birdieball behaves the same way a real golf ball does when hit thin or fat. Great product.

Excellent training device- pricey though

I purchased these practise balls (BirdieBall) and I cannot be happier with them.

Before each round I use them and they are brilliant for warming up and feeling the middle of the club before stepping onto the first tee.

The balls travel about 40 metres, so a short walk and 24 swings and you feel confident to hit the first one up the middle.

I would recommend this product to any level of golfer. A quick, easy and convenient warm up prior to any round. Top product.

A great product and does exactly as it claims. You know when you’ve hit it perfectly by the line it takes and the sound it makes. You can shape the BirdieBall just like a real ball.

If you’re having trouble with your short game, then grab your SW and have a go with the BirdieBall. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll improve.

My only regret is that I should’ve bought the package with the foam tees so I can use my driver and 3W.

Great for practice when space is limited. Gives a good feel. Probably travels straighter than the real thing.

Works very well. Does what I wanted. Would recommend to others. Thanks.

I am thoroughly enjoying the BirdieBall StrikePad set! It is a great way to practice without the hassle of going all the way to the course. I use it often and it allows me to have immediate feedback and to practice shaping my shots within a relatively small area.

The StrikePad is a must as it lets me use the BirdieBall on the go without the risk of taking divots and destroying my local park. I would love to be able to purchase another StrikePad individually as this would allow myself and a friend to hit the BirdieBall back and forth, like kicking a football, without worrying about tearing up the grass.

Thank you so much for a great product, it has improved my game and has become a fun and meaningful activity in my spare time!

Love these. Where I live, space to practice is extremely limited so BirdieBall has filled a massive void in my golfing practice (long irons and woods). I was extremely impressed by the flight and sound feedback in the shots differing from well hit to the poorly hit ones.

A valuable tool for warming up before a game too!

A truly great product

I'm a new golfer. I first saw BirdieBalls on a YouTube golf product review. I thought to myself that they looked like fun, and I can practice my golf in my back yard between going to the driving range.

I practice every day and aim to hit at least 100 BirdieBalls before I head out. The balls would have over 4000 hits received by now and are holding up well. I was wondering if they would wear out, but nope they are very tough and look like they will last quiet awhile.

One thing that stands out for me is you can see them spin which gives me an idea if I have hit them well. I took some balls to the driving range and showed the owner a BirdieBall. He was quite impressed by the way it works.

The BirdieBall is a great training tool in a limited area.
You are more likely to practice when you don't have to travel to the range.
Feels close to a real golf ball strike and indicates a good strike, slice or hook with its flight.
Great product.

I have had the opportunity to use the BirdieBalls that I purchased on a few occasions now, and I am very happy with my purchase. The StrikePad, which I think is an extremely useful addition and is definitely worth the money, has allowed me to practise my swing on school ovals and at public parks without fear of getting myself into trouble for leaving huge divots in the grass.

The BirdieBalls themselves are also impressive in regards to how closely they mimic the natural flight path of a golf ball, however I have noticed that, especially after using my driver, the balls do tend to lose their circular shape and become more of an oval shape. Usually I resolve this by hitting the ball in a way that would return it to its proper shape, which so far has been effective.

The Velocity Tee set is also very impressive for use with the driver, allows valuable practise potential without spending money at a range.. Has been very helpful even in the short-term for allowing me to correct certain aspects of my swing.

As I am unable to get to a driving range easily I have found the BirdieBall a good option to enable me to play full shots including woods and long irons in my backyard. I get instant feedback by watching the way the BirdieBall flies to show me whether I have hit the shot correctly.

I recommend the BirdieBall for anyone who wants to do some practice at home or in a local park without the need to travel too far.

As an on-road caravan traveller BirdieBall has been a fantastic plus for me. Rarely unless you go to a practise area and pay for balls, can you practise just anywhere. Caravan parks are impossible to hit balls, even just chipping. Too much damage to grass even on any oval areas owners do not like you to do it.

With BirdieBall and the StrikePad, you can use it almost anywhere there is an open area, no hard balls flying around, no digging up grass areas. You use BirdieBall off concrete, stones, sand. Sensational! All you need depending on club is a maximum of 50 /60 metres.

Love hearing that zing of the BirdieBall when you hit it sweet, especially when practising a certain move you have been trying to get right. Practice anywhere on almost any surface.

BirdieBall has been an essential part of my practice and game warm up for some years. When other golfers see me they always are amazed and ask me about it so I give them one and now I have to buy more. You really only need one or two but they are so cheap.

I live on the water front and in summer when the north-easterly howls in I hit into the wind with my 60 degrees lob wedge and catch it as it comes back. Most of my warm up and practice involves the lob wedge as a lob wedge has to be hit fairly aggressively. I originally bought the launch pad/board but no longer use it. It is really unnecessary.

You can fade or draw it and it is great to also practice chipping and short or long pitching and of course, your full powerful swing. If I remember correctly BirdieBall won the golf invention of the year some years ago in the US. Incidentally over time I seem to have accumulated BirdieBalls with advertising logos and it is a great promotional tool if your clients are golfers. Kids love to hit BirdieBall. They float!

Barry E. (member Nelson Bay and Horizons golf clubs)

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